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Library of published articles about Primetime, and information on marlin and swordfish fisheries.
Article: Nightime is primetime [Blue Water Magazine, Sept/Oct 2001].
Article: Gone fishin' lately? [NZ Marine Scene Magazine, Sept/Oct 2001].
Article: Primetime for broadbill [NZ Fishing News Magazine, Aug 2001].
Article: Boat Feature - Primetime  [NZ Marine Scene Magazine, Xmas 2000].
Information: The New Zealand Marlin Fishery.
Information: The New Zealand Broadbill Swordfish Fishery.

The Captain & Crew.

Skipper John Gregory grew up with an intense love of the sea, spending his boyhood years fishing and hunting, holding a fishing rod in his hands at about the same time as he learnt to walk. They say that good fishermen aren't made they are 'born', and this certainly applies to John.

John's childhood love of the sea grew with him, and after college he went on to become a commercial fisherman.

John  quickly learnt that to make a living he now had to hunt for his fish, and he became a hunter of the seas around the New Zealand coast and abroad.

Fishing is one of the last remaining occupations where one has to hunt for a livelihood to survive. John has now taken this hunting instinct and his aggressive fishing nature into the charter boat fishing industry.

John holds a NZ Offshore Masters ticket that few, if any, other fishing charter skippers hold.

Distinguished with the very highest of Professional skipper standards, John puts his clients welfare, safety and requirements above all else, demonstrated by PRIMETIME being surveyed 'to the book and beyond' in both her construction and safety aspects, regardless of the enormous extra cost.

John and his crew are extremely focused on delivering an exceptional charter experience for their clients, making a trip on PRIMETIME not just another trip, but the trip of a lifetime.

Welcome aboard.

Conifer Lane, R.D.1, Kerikeri, New Zealand
Phone/Fax ++64 9 407 1299, Mobile ++64 27 487 0344
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