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Information and photographs of Primetime.
Meet Captain John Gregory and the Primetime crew.
Information about fishing aboard Primetime.
Information about cruising voyages aboard Primetime.
Comments made by past Primetime guests.
Photo gallery.
Video gallery.
Maps showing locations of Whangaroa, Bay of Islands, etc.
Information about currency exchange rates.
Information about accomodation and travel.
Information about food and beverage provisioning for Primetime voyages.
Library of published articles about Primetime, and information on marlin and swordfish fisheries.
Article: Nightime is primetime [Blue Water Magazine, Sept/Oct 2001].
Article: Gone fishin' lately? [NZ Marine Scene Magazine, Sept/Oct 2001].
Article: Primetime for broadbill [NZ Fishing News Magazine, Aug 2001].
Article: Boat Feature - Primetime  [NZ Marine Scene Magazine, Xmas 2000].
Information: The New Zealand Marlin Fishery.
Information: The New Zealand Broadbill Swordfish Fishery.


W h a n g a r o a   -   B a y  o f  I s l a n d s   -    N e w  Z e a l a n d

New Zealand's leading gamefishing vessel in her thirteen years of operation.

'Boat catching the most gamefish in New Zealand for the last 13 seasons.'

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PRIMETIME is an immaculately presented 58 foot launch with the latest interior designs and computer navigation technology. The vessel comes complete with the highest maritime safety requirements.                                                               

PRIMETIME allows you to explore and fish in comfort and style one of the most beautiful maritime areas in the world, Whangaroa and the Bay of Islands, spectacular fishing and cruising waters.

Captain John Gregory and crew welcome you on board PRIMETIME.

Please enjoy our site. Your feedback is welcome.

Price and availability information shall be provided upon request.

The Boat.
Information, specifications, and photographs of PRIMETIME.
The Photo Gallery.
Collection of photographs taken in the course of PRIMETIME voyages.
The Video Gallery.
Collection of short videos clips   (Mpegs) of swordfish and marlin.
Comments made by past PRIMETIME guests.
Capt. & Crew.
Meet Captain John Gregory and the PRIMETIME crew.
Information about fishing aboard PRIMETIME.
Information about cruising voyages aboard PRIMETIME.
Information about food and beverage planning and provisioning for voyages.
Location Map.
Maps showing location of vessel's home port of Whangaroa, the Bay of Islands, Northland coast, and normal fishing and cruising areas.
Forex Rates.
Foreign currency exchange rate information and link to Bank of New Zealand Forex page.
Accom. & Travel.
Information on accommodation and travel, and links to accommodation finders, airfare finders, and rental cars.
The Library.
Published articles about the PRIMETIME operation, and information on the New Zealand marlin and swordfish fisheries..
WB00860_.GIF (262 bytes) Night time is primetime.
Blue Water Magazine, Sept/Oct 2001, by Pete Saul.
WB00860_.GIF (262 bytes) Gone fishin' lately?
NZ Marine Scene Magazine, Sept/Oct 2001, by Jonathon Clarke.
WB00860_.GIF (262 bytes) Primetime for broadbill.
NZ Fishing News Magazine, August 2001, by Matt Watson.
WB00860_.GIF (262 bytes) Boat feature : PRIMETIME.
NZ Marine Scene Magazine, Dec/Jan 2001, by Tim. Findley.
WB00860_.GIF (262 bytes) The NZ Marlin Fishery.
General information about the New Zealand marlin fishery.
WB00860_.GIF (262 bytes) The NZ Swordfish Fishery.
General information the New Zealand broadbill swordfish fishery.
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